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    Bubblegum and Marceline is an iconic duo. Prove me wrong! (xD)

    The final episode of Adventure Time is one to definitely watch and one to tie loose ends and bring this fantastic show to its close. Heck, watch the entire series!

    Though I am more of a casual fan that only watched a few episodes every now and then (I don’t have CN and the CN app works sometimes for me), most of the time I get spoiled by Tumblr posts but I’m actually okay with that. Even as a casual fan, it brings me sheer joy of how far the show has come. The fantasy land of Ooo, the engaging characters, and how the narrative stretches as far as Jake can.

    I want to thank the crew and the cast behind this show. You’ve created a memorable show that touched many hearts and I wish you all luck on your future projects.


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