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Annie on My Mind is about Liza and Annie, two girls who fell in love with each other. It is written in the view of Liza, a college student studying to become an architect at MIT. She is reading through the letters her ‘friend’ Annie sent her, and reminiscing about their senior year of high school. Throughout the book, Liza recounted the events that happened during that year and at the end, made an important realization.


Liza- an aspiring architect and the president of the student council. She is very serious about her study and is adamant about getting into a good college. Meeting Annie taught her to let loose and have some fun. Through the book, she made some important personal development that led her into accepting who she is- a lesbian.

Annie- a singer who is imaginative, creative and a little strange. But she is also optimistic and hopeful.

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    Annie on My Mind is a great book for young adult and adult alike. It is touching, well-written, and authentic. The author Nancy Garden introduced you to Annie through the point of view of Liza, the character that is recounting the story. The book showed us firsthand the development of Liza’s feeling for Annie, the struggles she went through dealing with people’s reaction to them loving each other, and the realization she made regarding herself. And because of this first-person viewpoint, it has you feeling what Liza feel- falling for Annie, fearing about her future, getting angry at the injustice that she and others faced. It also has you witness the emotion toll that homophobia can impose on bright young woman.

    What I also love about Annie on my mind is that it tells the story in a way that you can almost imagine you being there, watching the scene unfold. It is almost like you are sitting in a movie theater, watching a movie, except you are reading a book and your brain is conjuring up the pictures for you. Nancy Garden, the author, is descriptive enough about the setting, the characters, and the interactions, allowing you to do that. It lets you feel so much more involved. You felt like you know these characters in person and even after you finished the book, these characters will stay with you, staying in the back of your mind. Annie on my mind indeed.

    Above all, Annie on my mind showed us that love between two girls are no different than love between a boy and a girl. The love between Annie and Liza is authentic. There is no shame in loving the same sex and the world needs to accept that. And having a book, especially a young adult book, that showcase loves between two teenage girls in an authentic way is important for young girls who find themselves questioning about their crush on other girls.

    Annie on My Mind is originally published in in 1982 and has won several awards. Because of the homosexual theme, Annie on My Mind had been banned and even burnt for being immoral, just as Liza in the book was deemed by self-righteous teacher as immoral.

    But in the end, Liza, and the book prevails. Annie on My Mind will always remain a classic of lesbian literature and is most definitely worth a read.

    I approve.


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