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    What can I say about Girltrash: All Night Long? First, what in the name of titles?…This movie is just..I’ll say it’s special. That’s a good word for it. There are two friends, both lesbians so we’re off to a good start, named…I don’t really remember, we’ll just call them the Blonde One and Shane Jr. And she’s called Shane Jr. because we start the film off with the Blonde One running in on Shane Jr. having sex with a random girl,

    screaming that they got into Band Stand(?), whatever band competition, because another band dropped out. And then they start singing…Oh yeah did I mention this was a musical? They start singing, and it’s an alright song, introducing all the main girls that will be featured in the film. The problem with this musical is that, one the girls aren’t the best singers and the music isn’t seamless within the medium, so it just feels really off whenever they burst into song, and you give it this face:

    And this is a fun film (if you don’t look too hard at all it’s wrongness), so you want to bop along with the songs, they just hurt to listen to. Ok so the quick plot is: that night is Band Jam (whatever), and they have to get there by like 1am, but they are accompanied by the Blonde One’s little sister who thinks she is now also gay, her love interest, and the love interest’s friend who’s the only straight one and who’s job is to fuck things up just like straight people always do(?), and our two main Lesbians are trying to help the younger one hook up with her love interest by taking them to parties and stuff. But they don’t take them to Band Scam(?) for whatever reason because the film needs some other tension was to whether they will make their destination or not. The plot is..fine in movie logic. But it’s the execution that’s just..

    Thanks House. The script, besides the songs, aren’t  that great the dialogue is very cliche, and the delivery is that way as well so a lot of times that falls flat. The characters aren’t really that memorable. The only one I really remember is Shane Jr. because she is just a taller, less cool version of Shane from The L Word. I mean just look at her.


    Shane Jr.                                             Shane

    They’re practically twins!!! OH AND SPEAKING OF THE L WORD! This chick is in it!

    And does she play the cool army chick, struggling with her career and her gayness, and having nothing to do with black stereotypes? Fucking nope! The first shot of her is her coming out of jail, looking to collect her money from the Blonde one and Shane Jr. Her song in the musical is with a couple of her “thugs” and they rap it, because you know BLACK. Oh and what is her weapon of choice…

    Is that a fucking GOLF CLUB?!?! Yup, just turn her all the way into a caricature why don’t cha.

    So obviously hijinks ensue and friendships are tested, and will the new gay girl hook up with her love interest? I’m’ not going to give away the ending, because this is one you have to see for yourself. Girltrash: All Night Long has it’s blatant flaws, the music is a little weird, but it was still fun to watch. If only for seeing how it was going to turn out, or for seeing how more weird it could get. I’m not going to recommend it, honestly you probably have better things to do. So I guess the name does fit, as in girl, this movie is so trash and it made me cringe all night long. It’s quite..special.


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