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Her Story is a short web series that follows a journalist Allie, who wanted to write about the hangout spots of transgender women in Los Angeles. Allie met Paige and Violet, who are both transgender. Throughout the six episodes, we see the struggles of these two transgender women. Its message is that by excluding transgender women from our community, we are doing a disservice to ourselves.


Violet- a transgender women who dated women before transition and is having an internal struggle of whether dating another woman makes her less of a woman.

Allie- a gold star lesbian and a journalist. She came up with the idea of writing an article about the hangout spots of transgender women in town.

Paige-a transgender woman and a bad-ass lawyer, who fights for trans rights.

Damn, I am intimidated.

And others.


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    This web series is short enough to finish the entire season in one sitting but long enough to give you a glimpse of the struggles transgender women go through. The shots are well done and you felt as though you are following the everyday lives of the characters. There are some parts that gives you feels, and yet other parts that have you clenching your heart.

    By the finale you don’t want the series to end. Instead, you want to get to see more of the lives of these characters, to see them succeed and be happy.

    Her Story is powerful because it is authentic, it is a story that is truly about transgender women and their lives, careers, and relationships. It is different in that it is about transgender women after their transitions, about them living their lives as just another woman in the world. And guess what? This web series is produced by a team of primarily queer and trans women, and that Jen Richards (who played Violet) and Laura Zak (who played Allie) co-written and co-produced Her Story!

     The story of how the idea came about is worth a read and you can find the interview here.

    So for those who haven’t seen this web series, set aside one hour and watched the entire season. It is nominated for an Emmy (Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series) and has won a Gotham award (Breakthrough Series – Short Form). Here is to hoping that Her Story will get picked up by a network. Or at least get a season 2.


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