Make Wonder Woman Bisexual Petition

Gianna Collier-Pitts of GLAAD created the petition Make Wonder Woman Bisexual addressing the lack of representation in the last Wonder Woman movie. Go sign it, share it, and state what Wonder Woman’s bisexual representation would mean to you!

Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the best and most notable female icons there is. She is strong, unyielding, she fights for what is right, love, and stands for those who don’t have a voice. Diana was destroying the patriarchy one flick of her wrist gauntlet at a time.

I didn’t think she could get any better, but then in 2016 Greg Rucka , the writer of the WW comic confirmed in an interview that Wonder Woman, that popular mainstream women icon, iswait for itBISEXUAL! It makes sense, Diana is a princess who grew up on an island only inhabited by women. Not just women, all very objectively attractive women! How could any girl be straight after living there?!

All jokes aside, I was seriously excited to see what would come next and how her story would unravel being a comic fan. Then they announced that Wonder Woman would FINALLY be getting her own movie!! I hoped it would address, even in the tiniest way, that Diana wasn’t straight. And because I am cynical, I thought: Of course, they’re not going to show it. And boy was I…


They didn’t address it at all. Not even a throwaway line like, “Oh hello there Philippus your legs look stunning in that leather mini warrior skirt. Have you been working out?” Nope, none of that!

There is an important difference between telling and showing, especially when it comes to representation. It cannot be said enough, that depicting well-rounded queer relationships and people in movies, tv, books, government, etc, is important to bringing the LGBTQ community to the forefront and beginning to “normalize” our existence as human beings. It is amazing, that DC confirmed Wonder Woman to be bisexual. No one can take that away from us, but if the media doesn’t show that she is bisexual, it’s just as bad as erasure. It doesn’t fully contribute or commit to the representation, and that creates a falsehood around it. It disregards that part of her, and that lets the audience do it as well.

Gianna Collier says in the petition, “Making Wonder Woman canonically bisexual on the big screen would make her the first openly LGBTQ superhero of any gender from either DC or Marvel’s cinematic universes, and would solidify her place as a true role model for women of all ages and identities“. With the Wonder Woman sequel announced, now is the time for DC to put its money where its mouth is!





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