Rock and Riot

Description: Rock and Riot is an LGBT+ webcomic set in the 50s, written by Chelsey Furedi. It’s about rival gangs trying to coexist in one high school, not scary gangs, they’re harmless, kind of like musical gangs where they snap instead of stab.


The Jaquettes

From Left to Right: Rolly, Connie, Debby, Triss

The Rollers

From Left to Right: Clyde, Gene, Frankie, Edd

The Bandits

From Left to Right: Skip, Dett, Sunny, Ace


LGBTQ+ Positivity
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    LGBT Positivity


    This is an awesome comic! The story is very simple and easy to follow, rival gangs getting in each other’s way because they think they’re so different, but in actuality they’re quite similar. Even though it’s simple,  the writing is awesome! And the comedic moments are on point most of the time, and very character driven which is nice. I really dig the art style as well. It helps bring that 50’s feel to the comic! And Chelsey does a cool job with tackling the medium of a webcomic in this day in age by posting gifs right into the comic and making it come to life! You’re sucked in because of the adorable characters  that you just want to hug and love! They’re typical teenagers with typical teenage problems, like prom and hormones, but they have these unique qualities that people can really relate to and say “yeah I’ve been there”.


    She’s pretty much the main character. She’s pretty rad, a black lesbian in the 50’s who’s confident and awesome and she know it! She’s the leader of the Jaquettes, and is accepting of people for who they are.


    Who is just a sweet little cinnamon roll, who deserves everything! She’s Connie’s love interest, and soon girlfriend (it’s not really a spoiler since it happens incredibly fast). Carla is intelligent, incredibly kind and mature for her age. She’s a waitress and also a panromantic asexual.

    The rest of the characters I leave up to you to find out about, because it’s fun to learn about them and see how they grow. It’s set in the 50’s, the period of the American Dream. If you’re white and straight, and a man haha ohhh… So this deals with both sexuality and race within that time period. And it’s handled pretty well, some in big ways and some in subtle. Because there aren’t names for all the sexualities at this point in time, the characters just describe their feelings which is a pretty cool spin on it. The representation is 

    You get a little something something from the whole acronym and more! You have lesbians, gay men, bisexual men and women, a transgender girl, someone who doesn’t identify with either male or female, asexuals and aromantics, demisexuals, etc.!

    Rock and Riot is a rockin’ riot…HAHAHA

    *sighs, wipes tear* Thank you, you everyone.

    But really go read this comic, it’s a whole lot of fun with relatable characters of all shapes and sizes! You’ll find some thing you’ll like!


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