Description: 8 individuals, born on the same day, try to navigate through life alone, but in actuality they don’t have to. Their births connect them on a subconscious level and allow them to contact each other around the world.


Sorry, no fun for you.

Sense 8’s ensemble cast is a mix of the super interesting, to the super boring. As most ensembles go you care about more characters’ and their storylines than others. Take the white male cop, who has really no character traits than that. We are introduced to the world through him first and spend a good amount more time with than everyone else, making him the pseudo main character. Mostly I play my DS when his parts comes up, but when I die for the 5 billionth time in Mario’s world 6-6, storylines more interesting come up like:
Lito: The gay closeted Latino actor who has a beard because he doesn’t want to lose his acting career, but also has a boyfriend who he —

Oh my…
Or maybe Nomi, the Transgender woman, whose family wants to lobotomize her, but her girlfriend who we both meet after they–
Wow, just…wow.
LMAO LMAO this show is amazing! Wait a minute- is that Dr. Martha Jones from Doctor Who?

Apparently fucking ladies with rainbow dildos, and I am so here for it!
And there’s Capheus, the guy in Nairobi who just wants AIDs medicine for his mother.
And Capheus #2 (the replacement).

Both just adorable.
Wolfgang, the Russian thief. I know I’m a gay girl, but is it me or does he kind of got a swagger about him that’s just sexy.

And Sun the girl whose dad is a mob boss(?) or something and because she’s female, she has to take the fall for the males in her family and goes to FUCKING JAIL!!! Oh and she’s a martial artist, which is kind of stereotypical but…


There’s some other characters, a total of 8 to be exact, hence the title. But they aren’t as memorable. So the 8 of these people were all born on the same day at the exact same time. Giving them…powers? It’s not really explained why, but it seems like one of those mysteries you will find out as the show progresses. But they are all connected. So even though Sun is stuck in prison, she can project through Nairobi kid and beat the crap out of some warlords. Or they can all have an —
OMFG, what is this show….
Look this show is pretty damn cool. The way it is shot, and the way it transitions from story to story is pretty awesome! The story and writing are great as well. The LGBT characters are awesome, and some of the more interesting of the bunch. Sometimes, their stories revolve around LGBT issues, but they don’t stop there, the characters are not defined by their sexuality, and give them actual characters and personalities out side of just that. The sexuality are more of important parts of them, and it acts as a catalyst to talk about some series issues going on the in world right now. And they are all handled, pretty beautifully! I would recommend this show in a heart beat! It’s a totally fun heartwarming ride!
Just don’t watch with you parents.
Update: Nexflix has decided to cancel Sense8 on the first day of Pride Month 2017!


It has great LGBTQ characters and representation for both the queer community and people of color. Please boost the signal that we want this show back!
LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

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