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    This is show is everything I want and more.

    I wish it wasn’t just an event, I wish that it could go on forever, but because this is a true story it has to come to an end sometime. It’s quite beautiful. At the time, I didn’t know that the actors were portraying real people. The subject alone is something that keeps me wanting to come back. But when I heard these stories were real, it made my appreciation for this show that much stronger. When We Rise is not only bringing to light the normalcy of LGBT people as human beings, with flaws and love that’s valid, but it also tells you the real horrible struggles and tribulations that these people had to go through to get us where we are today. From getting stabbed and beaten up, tear gassed, thrown in jail, losing their lovers and friends to the AIDS epidemic. It’s quite heart wrenching, but it also makes you want to speak out, fight, and make sure our rights are secured and always will be. They are heroes in my mind.

    Ok, so let’s get down to it. The array of the main cast is awesome because it shows the civil rights movement from the different perspectives of a white gay male (Cleve), a lesbian woman (Roma), and a black gay man (Ken). With Cleve we see that of course he has the struggles of being a gay man, but also we see that he has a lot more freedom to be out, and fight out loud because of his whiteness. And it’s awesome because he doesn’t take it for granted, THIS MOTHER FUCKER GOES HARD! I mean the dude was stabbed, IN THE NECK, for Christ sake and was standing the next day to get the job done.

    We see Roma, who is a fighter as well, deal with her sexuality in a feminist movement that told her to hide who she really was, and see her overcome that and eventually become an out lesbian helping to lead the whole women’s movement.

    And I really appreciate Ken’s story a lot. He is not only a black man in the 60’s, he’s also in the Navy, and gay. Being gay in the black community is hard, I know firsthand, and they show his struggle with trying to fight for civil rights, and have relationships both with lovers and friends, while also juggle his races as well.

    It doesn’t stop there for representation either. There are characters that are also transgender and drag queens as well. And they are not just background characters, they are there and they have their stories as well. I have two complaints. One would be, I would love to see more of their stories, because while they are present, they’re not as fleshed out as our three main characters. It was a missed opportunity to show Trans and queer people in a large roles. Also, there are no bisexual characters. I repeat,


    What the actual fuck? How did you forget a whole letter of your acronym? This show comes a long way, but that’s a bit of a disappointment.

    I digress.

    When We Rise is a very important show and it couldn’t have come out (haha come out, get it, like the closet?, no, ok) at a more beautiful time with the new Trump Administration trying to take rights away that the Cleve and Ken Jonesesand Roma Guys have fought and bled for. It’s important because it doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to showing you what really happened, how gay men and lesbian women didn’t work together at first, but found they were stronger together, the violence, and the Government’s neglect to help the community and because of it so many suffered and died. It’s hard to watch at times, but you must get through it. They got through it for you, you get through it for them. And then we rise, and we stay risen.


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