5 Reasons Why Wynonna Earp is strangely awesome

Wynonna Earp is a strange show. It is based on a comic by Beau Smith about Wynonna Earp- the granddaughter of a famous lawman Wyatt Earp. She went back to Purgatory (a small town in the middle of nowhere) after years on the run being a delinquent. Together with her sister Waverly Earp, her black-ops partner Agent Dolls, her weird immortal guy friend Doc, Wynonna sends revenants (the demons her grandfather killed) back to hell with her gun peacemaker. Here is 5 reasons why Wynonna Earp is awesome:

  1. Wynonna is a badass who kills revenants (demons) for a living

Reverants are causing chaos in town and they can’t be killed easily. Have no fear, Wynonna is here with her glow in the dark gun, The Peacemaker!

Wynonna charging up the peacemaker
wynonna earp-revenant
to kill those things (the revenants).
wynonna earp crazy chick with a gun
Best way to get people out of a place.

Wynonna Earp is a badass who gets shit done. Well…. most of the time, other time she just stuffs donuts in her mouth.

Like this
Or this.
Inevitably this happens.
And yet she still cares about donuts way too much.
  1. WayHaught (Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught) is how lesbian relationship should be portrayed on TV:

The way WayHaught plays out is like a classic romance. The scenes, the way it plays out, it could have been used to form a love story between a boy and a girl. Instead it is between TWO WOMEN.

Warning: there might be some spoilers about WayHaught below.

Starting from the introduction, Waverly sprayed herself with water and had to take off her shirt, except she got stuck in it. Fortunately, Officer Haught (hot!!) was there to offer her service with her unwavering confidence and charming good looks, causing Waverly to stutter about her silly boyfriend.

Instant attraction

From then on, it was all lingering looks, small touches.

Lending a hand of comfort
Awkward flirting?

Until Waverly gave in and confessed her love to Nicole.

Finally getting together


A beautiful girl in an amazing dress walking down the stair, you would think there would be a handsome guy at the bottom of the stairs. Instead, it is to her GIRLFRIEND.

And guess what? The show is pretty amazing at defying the typical trope associated with lesbian relationships.

When the annoying ex-boyfriend said homophobic comment, we can to see Nicole punch him, and the town sheriff stands on Nicole’s side, telling Champ to scram. How cool is that?

And then in the midst of the Clexa controversy and when other show are killing off their gays, Wynonna Earp is purposely PRETENDING to kill off Nicole for no apparent reason only to reveal a minute later that she has a vest on. Because lesbians are smart, and they don’t deserved to die as a plot device!

And one half of Wayhaught was shot, but guess what? She is not dead! Because she has a vest.

And that is why I trust Wynonna Earp to portray the relationship between Wavery and Nicole in a positive manner.

  1. Waverly-Wynonna sisterly love:

The sisterly love between Wynonna and Waverly is a little awkward, but we know that they love each other. And they’re adorable!

Wynonna might be awkward in hugs
wynonna earp adorable psycho
And she says a strange idea of compliment.
wynonna earp
But we know she will always stand in front of Waverly to protect her.
  1. Parallel between Wynonna Earp and Supergirl

If you’re having girl-power withdrawal after the Supergirl finale, you are going to like Wynonna Earp! You already saw the sisterly love between Waverly and Wynonna, and the cute romance between Waverly and Nicole. But the similarities doesn’t stop here. Because you are forgetting the co-worker that the show tries so hard to make them a love interest but it just might not work. Kara acknowledged Jim and she are better as friends. Would Wynonna admit the same about Agent Dolls?


And don’t forget, like Supergirl, you also got surreal kick ass fight scene.

It might have more of black widow or Supernatural vibe than Supergirl, but it is still awesome.
  1. Amazing characters who have their own quirks, personalities, and secrets (or if you prefer- parallel between Wynonna Earp and Supernatural)

Dean and Sam from Supernatural kill demons, Wynonna and Waverly Earp kill revernents. And strangely enough, if you look hard enough, characters from Wynonna Earp and characters from Supernatural aren’t that different:

Wynonna Earp: our beloved hero and Wyatt Earp’s granddaughter. She is the protector of the family and is the one who can shoot the family heirloom (the peacemaker). She protects her sister the best she can. A total Dean.
Waverly Earp: Wynonna’s skull loving sister. She is sweet, nice, and slightly innocent. She helps Wynonna any way she can. Sam, cough, nice guy Sam.
Wynonna earp doc
Doc Holliday: an ageless cowboy with a weird mustache. He is… a character. Castiel? They are both ageless but Doc is more charming and more human. Both quirky though.
Agent Dolls
Agent Xavier Dolls: a detective who is not entirely human (maybe some kind of were animal?) Sorry, no good equivalent.
Nicole Haught: a confident lady-loving cop. Do you remember Charlie? She is confident, good with flirting, and ends up in Land of Oz?
Bobo Del Rey: the bad guy, who is very fond of his fur. Just look at the evil smile, he is Crowley, only slightly less clever than Crowley.

And they are all… strange, but awesome in that same way.

I am mostly joking about reasons 4 and 5 with the comparisons. For real though, the action scenes are cool in that comic book style on TV way, and the characters are three-dimensional and worth exploring.

Wynonna Earp is full of humor, strangeness, and action.

I am excited to see what goes on in Season 2. Give me more Wynonna Earp!

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