You want gay stuff? Well you’re in the right place! PrideBrary was created to be a huge collection of all things queer. As members of the LGBT community ourselves we thought, ‘Well darn, it sure would be nice to have a place to go with all the LGBT content out there right now, so that we wouldn’t have to go searching through the deep dark corners of the internet just to find an inkling of representation’. So we built it! There are a couple things we want to accomplish with the site and we need your help!

  1. Add to the collection! If you know of any LGBT content that’s not on the site, and you would like to review, go ahead and add it yourself at the submit page! (You don’t need to sign up to submit a review but there are advantages of becoming a user, see the full list of benefits at the registration page). Keep building this arsenal of rep.
  2. Review, Comment, Interact! Tell us, and the world what you think about the content out there right now. Submit a review and comment on existing post and topics. Be honest! Just because it’s LGBT doesn’t mean we will settle for anything less than good human representation. No more stereotypes, no more one-dimensional characters! We want to show the world that there is not only an audience for this kind of content, but that we want good content as well! Oh, and be kind to one another; there are enough dicks out there, keep it civil.
  3. Spread the word! The only way it will grow is if people know about it. We’re just two smol lesbians we can’t do it by ourselves!

Finally, if you have question, feel free to contact us on any of our social media or through email.

Welcome to PrideBrary, we hope you enjoy!

―ScienceGal & Staypuftmarshmallowgirl