Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

It’s a story of 2 Mexican boys who become friends. We fallow them as they discover their identities and feelings towards each other. There is a little part where one of them gets beaten in an ally after being being seen kissing there, but they don’t dell on it. It focuses on our main character Ari dealing with growing up and his family matters. Both families are accepting. Which is refreshing. The ending is happy.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
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  1. LGBT Positivity


    Entertainment Value






    Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe is a cute story. There are many adorable lines of Ari talking about his love for his mother and cute interactions between Dante and Ari.

    There are some mentions about Ari and Dante being Mexican/ Hispanic and Dante feeling not Mexican enough but Ari insisting that it is how you feel inside that matters.

    Without revealing too much about the plot, Dante and Ari both become amazing young men who come to accept who they are. It is quite rare for young adult books to show two fully supportive families and a happy ending.


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