AvaLance is going to be different from Nyssara

Sara Lance is one of my favorite hero on the CW DC universe. She is strong, beautiful, flirty, and bisexual. And she has had many sexual relationships with mostly women. Most recently, in Season 3 of Legends, Ava Sharpe, a time bureau agent, is introduced. When the Season 3 returns from hiatus, we expect to see Ava and Sara’s relationship blossoming into romance. I am excited for it, but it is also a good time to talked about how CW had screwed up the portrayal of the relationship between Nyssa and Sara in Arrow, and how they might have tried to make it up in Legends.

Who is Sara Lance?

In 2013, when the Black Canary was introduced in Season 2, Arrow is still the only DC show on CW with Flash debuting soon.

When Black Canary showed up and started fighting crimes around the city, I thought she was yet another one of Oliver’s romantic interest. After all, when Helena Bertinelli was introduced, she mainly served as Oliver’s love interest. But then I began to see Sara Lance is different. We see:


Sara fighting Sara Salmon Ladder







And most importantly, Sara and Oliver are working TOGETHER on missions. I was excited just to get a female vigilante who is capable

Sara fighting multiple people









Has a soft spot for Sin

Sara and Sin

And is flirty and so beautiful.

Sara You're Cute

Sara Lance, the Black Canary, is a vigilante of her own right.

Nyssara in Arrow

But then, Nyssa, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, showed up out of nowhere and landed a smooch on Sara’s lips. It was my dream come true.

Nyssara Kiss

There is no mistake that the kiss between Nyssa and Sara is romantic in nature and that they had a romantic relationship. For once, I thought, we get to see a kick-ass vigilante have a girlfriend.

But then they continuously dismiss Nyssa’s status as Sara’s (ex)lover, and dismiss their relationship in different ways.

First, they made Sara hook up with Oliver right after Nyssa and Sara’s shared kiss, as if to show that Sara might be bi, but she is not that bi.

And then they make Oliver beat Nyssa in a fight even though Nyssa is one of the best assassin in the world. It was as if it is necessary to show that Oliver is still stronger and a better option for Sara.

Even when they got back together, after Sara was killed, no one bothered to tell Nyssa. Nyssa had to show up in the Arrow’s cave to confront them about it for them to remember her existence.

Then Nyssa began to train Sara’s sister and I thought they are finally going to acknowledge Nyssa’s relationship in Sara’s life. And they did, with this scene:

Laurel_nyssa_grave CW
Arrow  “The Magician”. The CW Network, LLC.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have to add insult to the injury by having:

Arrow “This is Your Sword”. Cate Cameron/The CW .

And to make matter worse, Laura went against Nyssa’s back to resurrect Sara from the dead.


Not that I am not happen about Sara being alive, because I am so excited for Legends of Tomorrow. But to have Nyssa locked in the basement and not get to see her lover, that is not cool.

I am tired of Nyssa being continuously beaten down, dismissed, and then showed up just because they needed someone to move the plot along.

Nyssara in Legends

Fortunately, with Legend of Tomorrow, CW seems to be making amends and trying to retrospectively validating Sara’s relationship with Nyssa.

To tie up the loose end with Nyssa, in the form of a flashback, Sara visited Nyssa in the dungeon and offered to get her out. But Nyssa refused, asking Sara to go on with her life. It was bittersweet, but it was also hopeful.


Their relationship was mentioned a few more times-

Sara, who have traveled back in time to 1960 told Ra’s to name her daughter Nyssa and to send her to save herself in 2008. So in a way, Legends is validating Nyssarra by giving it an element of fate. Their relationship is predestined to happen through time.

And after Sara’s one night stand with Alex, she said that she has her Maggie too. Since Maggie is Alex’s love of the life, for Sara to refer implicitly to Nyssa as her Maggie, it showed that her love for Nyssa is real and that she will always loves Nyssa, no matter what.

The love story between Nyssa and Sara is messy, flawed, and didn’t get the care it deserved. All we saw on scene were the breakups, the tears, but never the happy times they had together.

Sara’s hookups

After being recruited to the waverider, one of the prominent thing about Sara is that she is mentioned or showed to be bedding or kissing a woman every single episode.

Some argue it feeds into the stereotype of bisexual being promiscuous. And it is true. But at the same time, it makes sense for Sara to do what she does.

Sara had never been ashamed of sleeping with people she wanted. She was introduced into the show as the sister who slept with Laura’s boyfriend, and the girl who stole someone else’s boyfriend.

After the whole mess in Arrow, Sara had been resurrected from the dead, being given a soul back, broke up with her long-term girlfriend, and had to deal with insane blood thirst. A lot of serious messed up things happened, and she deserves to have some fun. And if that fun is sleeping with women throughout history, then so be it.

There is also the brief kiss with Captain Cold. But Captain Cold died afterward. They never got together.

Through all this, Sara was never showed as being in a happy steady relationship. And that is to change in Season 3 of Legends.

Why AvaLance is a good thing

For Season 3, Sara gets a new love interest- someone steady and deserving of Sara. Nyssa was deserving of her, going as far as to disobey her father for Sara. But the circumstance has separated them- Sara is on a time ship, and Nyssa is alive but MIA. The realistic options for Sara to have a relationship is with her team members, or other time travelers.

With Ava, we see their first meeting, we observe the distaste Ava initially has for Sara and her eventual change of attitude toward Sara. It is new, exciting, and sweet. Ava and Sara is something that fans can root for, can feel for.

Although Nyssa and Sara will forever be my OTP, I am okay with Ava and Sara getting together. Because after all the craziness Sara had gone through, she deserves someone who fight alongside her:

AvaLance fighting together

who is critical of her:


and pull her out of an evil monster’s trap.

Already, we are seeing their relationship develop, we are seeing their dynamic, and how they play off each other. Legends is doing fine so far with AvaLance, don’t mess it up.


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