Carmilla is a lesbian web series roughly based off the book “Carmilla” by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Laura started her freshman year at Silas University and her roommate disappeared. In her place was Carmilla Karnstein, a girl who is rude, calls Laura nicknames all the time, and comes and goes at all hours. As a journalism major, Laura was determined to find out the truth about her missing roommate. In the process, she got herself tangled with a scheme bigger than she can handle. Luckily, her friends LaFontaine, Perry, and Danny are there to help. The message is to believe in yourself, and keep trying.

Main characters:

Carmilla- vampire. She is a little jaded, and was initially rude and cares for no one. But Laura’s optimism began to affect her. Calls Laura all kinds of creative nicknames.

Laura- the protagonist. She is headstrong, optimistic, and naïve.

LaFontaine- Laura’s friend and the scientist (biologist). She and Perry are best friends.

Perry—Laura’s friend, and LaFontaine’s best friend. She is upright, probably has OCD, and is the voice of reason in this group of mishaps.

Danny- Laura’s TA, and love interest. She is brave, strong, and is willing to follow Laura’s crazy plan to great extreme.

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    LGBT Positivity


    Carmilla is strange in that it is cliche, but it is also fresh. Like any good young adult romance, there is the love triangle, the pining (ohhh- the sexual tension), and the sacrificing themselves to save the other. What is different is the format- it is a web series, pretending that the whole thing is broadcasted through a web cam. And instead of men saving women. The women in this show get things done!

    LGBT positivity:

    What the show did right is showing that girl kissing girl is the most normal thing in the world. There is no big coming out. There is no questioning of whether Danny, or Carmilla, or Laura likes girls. It is more like whether Danny, or Carmilla, like Laura, as a person. Sexuality isn’t an issue. And any problem that arises, is about the personality of the person instead of the gender. Because after all, we like someone because of who they are as a person. As for representation, there is a lesbian, bisexual, and a non-binary character. (LaFontaine is non-binary and prefers their/they/them pronoun- something that is briefly mentioned in the show).

    My only complaint is that the men in this show are either idiotic frat boy, or evil villain. There are friendly and helpful male characters in later season. But still, most of the men in the show are the bad guys.

    The camera is stationary, and the characters have to move in and out of the scene accordingly. Because of that, most of the time, not all the characters are in frame. The dialogues are mediocre, with an inspiring quote sprinkle here and there.

    And then there are absurd lines like this. Say WHAT?

    The props aren’t the best, but there is a lot of real food, and Laura eating the food. Seriously, she is eating food all the time, which might be part of the reason why Carmilla is calling Laura all these food-related nicknames. The acting is alright and the casting of the characters is pretty fitting.

    Despite all its shortcoming, I watch it because it is fun, silly, and is a good past time. If you want something mindless to watch while you relax, Carmilla is the show for it. But masterpiece, it is not.


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