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The Dragon Age series is set in a fantasy world where magic exists and there are monsters called dark spawns coming from the underworld. Just think Legend of the Seeker.

Legend of the Seeker creature


Dragon Age dark spawns

Each game has a different storyline but the premise is that you are responsible for saving the world. The games don’t directly follow each other but the choices you made in the previous game shaped the world in the subsequent games.

Game Mechanism:

You can customize your character to look the way you want, and you can pick between difference races, such as human, elves, dwarves, and in Dragon Age: Inquisition, as Quanari.

This is a Quanari

You can be a mage, a rogue, or a warrior. Each profession has a highly expansive specialization. Based on who you are (your race, your gender, your background- royalty versus commaner), the way the NPC (nonplayable characters) speak to you and treat you are different. In fact, the first Dragon Age game (Dragon Age: Origin) is based on the idea that due to the different origins, you have different dialogues, and different reactions to you in the game.

All of the Dragon Age games are supposed to take into account the player’s choices and actions in determining the ending. At some level, it is true. You will get a different ending based on the choices you made and certain characters will be alive or dead because of your actions. You feel as though your choices matter and at the end of the game, you looked back on the choices you made and wondered how the ending would be different if you made different choices.

You play as the character you customized at the beginning and you can assemble a team of up to three companions. You can switch out your companions whenever you are at a home base. Sometimes your companions chat to each other about random things, or about you, when your team and you are running about in the world. Your action can increase or decrease the affection rating of your companions. And to build your friendship, you can discuss certain topics with your companions and gift them items.


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    Review Summary:

    Dragon Age is one of my favorite video game series. It is the only video game franchise that made me want to replay the entire game just to get a different perspective. And one of the few games that I am fully invested in the character that I played in the game.

    The companions in the games are authentic and each have their own personality, likes and dislikes, and ideology. You get along with some, and not the others. And that is completely fine. Because there are plenty of options of companions you can choose from. Moreover, by having them on your team, talking to them, seeing how they react to your actions, you get to know them and predict what kind of actions they might take. To make the characters even more authentic, you can influence the character through your dialogue options with them. For example, my favorite companion from Dragon Age: Origin is Leliana, a reformed bard (and assassin) who had become a chantry sister (basically a nun). You have the options to turn her back to that bad ass, no nonsense, morally grey assassin through a set of dialogues or you could embrace the chantry sister that she became.

    There are a large variety of romance options in the game. And for each new Dragon Age installment, the variety expands. For Dragon Age: Origin (the first game), the choices of romances are limited to four characters, with two straight, and two bisexuals. In Dragon Age II, the options expanded to five, with four bisexuals and one straight.  In Dragon Age: Inquisition, there are eight potential romance options with one gay human (Dorian) and one lesbian elf (Sera) who are only available to the inquisitor (your title in Dragon Age: Inquisition) of the same sex. You also get the option of romancing a one-eyed Quanari named Iron Bull who might be a little kinky in bed.

    This is Iron Bull

    And guess what? Their dialogues and romances are just as rich as the bisexual and straight romance options. Their characters are just as well-developed. They aren’t there just for representation. They are there as characters first and their sexuality second. So for LGBT positivity, Dragon Age is definitely in the right direction.

    What is also special about the romancing in Dragon Age is that you can choose to be casual, or serious with the romance options. Characters will get jealous of each other if you try to romance multiple people at once. And if you told one of them that you are serious with them and go and romance someone else, you might get into trouble, as you would in real life. This is part of what makes the relationship feel even more authentic than it already is.

    With each new installment, the lip sync, the facial expression, the dialogue also got better. Seriously, they have different voice actresses, and volunteers, narrate every single line in the game, even the shopkeeper at the side of the street. It is impressive, and amazing. Definitely on par with popular games like The Witcher 3, or Skyrim.

    I love the Dragon Age series. I love that each character in the game is different. I love being able to have all these romance options in the game. And I absolutely love being able to choose who I am and how I look like. We play games to relax, to experience a world that is different in the world that we live in. But to make things relatable, and to connect us to the character we play in the game, it is important that we feel like we are them, that we can make our choices, and like who we like. So go out, play Dragon Age, and get lost in the world of killing darkspawns, being wrapped in the drama of saving the world (even if the world didn’t want your help), and romancing these amazing characters.


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