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    Great Scott! Let’s travel back in time to the 1980s where the gay rights movement was in full swing and the AIDs epidemic was beginning. It was a time where gay people no longer faded into the background, but stood up and had their voices heard. And that pretty much sets the stage of a comic like Dykes to Watch Out For to come out and rule! And it did rule! It’s a comic that is not only funny but talks about issues within the lesbian world and also the world in general.

    Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? Good, that’s where this came from!


    All the characters are an extension of the creator Alison Bechdel, hell Mo, the main character even looks just like here:





    It’s as if we’re taking a look straight into the past and what it was like for a person to live through this time period as a lesbian woman, as well as inside the author’s mind, which is pretty damn cool!  It’s sort of on the nose with the issues it wants to tackle, but it’s a short comic strip and you sort of have to get to the point fast and it’s also hilarious so you forgive it.

    Yes it seems that Mo has a very pessimistic way of thinking about things and she blurts out thing, sort of in a way that it seems that Alison wants to rant through the character her frustrations and that can be a bit on the nose sometimes. But through her rants, she is honestly right about the situations and we can sympathize with that and the character.

    What’s really great is the representation. She has women of a bunch of colors, with all different personalities and of all shapes and sizes and all over the spectrum of butch to femme. It’s written by a lesbian that has either had or heard about these experiences so they seem authentic, that and the characters make you want to invest your time and pick up a paper and read this every week!


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