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Description: Fun Home is a musical about a middle aged lesbian, named Alison Bechdel, who is beginning to write her comic memoir about her queer father and how he ultimately ended up committing suicide, and is looking back at memories trying to piece her and her dad’s lives together. Fun Home’s Broadway debut was in 2015 and is based off of Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir of the same name. So it’s a play, about someone writing the memoir that it is based off of…meta.

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    Though the description sounds hella depressing and dark, the musical (and the graphic novel), has a great mix of all emotions and mainly focuses on the humorous aspects, because that is Alison’s personality. And her nonchalant relationship with death, probably stems from her and her brothers growing up in a funeral home. These kids literally play with caskets…

    This is actually my favorite part of the play, once because they’re doing what kids normally do, mimic what they see by doing a commercial. They happen to live in a funeral home, so they’re trying to sell caskets, and it’s just kind of hilarious uncomfortable hearing kids talk about embalming and aneurysm hooks.

    The story is nonlinear and takes you through 3 stages of her life from childhood to adulthood with little Alison, Middle Alison and Big Alison:

    And we see this really cool parallel between Alison coming to terms with her sexuality and her dad struggling with his. She goes a more positive route finding stable relationships and joining LGBT communities, while he is still closeted, seeming stuck in a marriage with her mother that he doesn’t want to be in, and his decisions to cheat and stray cause his downfall.  It could be the fact that even though gay marriage is far from being a right in the time period Alison is growing up in, but her generation is the one who started the gay rights movement, so there is more of an acceptance to be out for the her than he father who’s generation is still very closeted. But the bond is there, whether they both like it or not and that’s what makes this story so compelling.

    Alison Bechdel is credited for creating the Bechdel test which requires media to have these three piece of criteria:

    • Must feature two women
    • Who talk to each other
    • And about something other than a man.

    Thank god, she passes he own test with this this musical (that would have been embarrassing). But it features an array of women, Alison herself, Alison’s lover and her mother all as prominent characters. Alison and he mom talk about her dad a lot, but they also talk about how her mother feels about her life, and how she wants better for her kids, going as far as to say to not be like her. Heartbreaking…

    Fun Home is one of my favorite fucking musicals! Not just because it’s the first Broadway show with a lesbian protagonist. And not just for this through look at two queer people. But the way it is beautifully written in this really dry sense of humor, but is able to connect fully to its audiences, and because of these really awesome songs. I already talked about one, but that is one out an array of great ones.

    Ring of Keys: Alison seeing a butch lesbian that she feels she can really identify with.

    Changing My Major: A song about having sex for the first time. And it’s fucking hilarious and awkward and weird. Just like most of people’s first times having sex…or is that just me?

    It’s not just a gay show, Fun Home the musical is universal,  a show that everyone can we late to.  Go see it, like right now!


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