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Gone Home is set in 1995. The premise is that you came back from a long trip to find a note on the door. It was from your sister, Sam. She said she has left home and asked you not to find out why. The home is completely empty because your parents are on vacation. Since it is storming outside and you can’t watch TV, you decided to ransack the house to find out why Sam left. During that process, you uncovered some secrets about your family.


Family portrait

Kaitlin- that is you. You came back from a Europe trip to the new house that your family moved into while you were away.

Sam- your younger sister who left you a note on the door telling you she has left.

Lonnie- your sister’s girlfriend. A JROTC cadent and a singer in a band.


Oscar- your father’s uncle. He passed this house onto your father when he died.


Terrence- your father. A writer with two unsuccessful books. Since moving to the new house, he has been reminiscing about his childhood.

Jan- your mother.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
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    Entertainment Value


    LGBT Positivity


    How I feel about the game’s mechanism:

    Gone Home is an exploration game. You unravel your family’s darkest secrets by going through every scrap of papers in your house. Seriously, that is the entire game.

    Grabbing random objects to inspect.

    And you need to open doors, turn on lights, and look under the sofa’s cushion to do so. So yes, it is as annoying as it sounds. Especially if you are a decent human being and felt the urge to turn off the light after you left the room or put objects back where they belong. Even though it doesn’t matter! Because the game never goes past the night anyway. I hated playing it.


    Fortunately, the storytelling is better than the gameplay. Just barely. The story is dark, but touching. Basically, it is told through Sam’s journal entries. The entries are triggered up picking up some objects and described the progression of her relationship with Lonnie. They described how she found out she has more than platonic feelings for Lonnie, the fear of being found out when they began dating, and the disappointment she felt at your parents’ denial. ‘It is just a phase’, your parents had insisted to her. This all led to the reason why she is not home.

    It is a game describing a young girl falling in love with another girl through journal entry. And although the story is touching, it felt stereotypical.

    ****Spoiler begin ****

    Young lesbian didn’t get the acceptance of her parents and ended up running away with her girlfriend. Big deal. There I said it. You now know why Sam is not home. I saved you the whole trouble of playing the game.

    ****End of spoiler ****

    As for Sam and Lonnie’s relationship, you only know what Sam wrote in her journal, and the notes you found. You don’t see them interacting in person, or know how Lonnie feels about Sam. You might still wish them the best, because love is love. But you aren’t invested in them.

    And to make this game even more pointless, everything you found happened either while you were away, or before you were born. You couldn’t do anything, change anything. At the end of the day, searching through your home gives you nothing. Nothing but the haunted feeling for not being able to do anything.

    There are better games out there. Unless you are so bored that you might start going through every item in your own house, you are better off not playing Gone Home.


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