Handsome Devil

“Ned, the bullied outsider, and Conor, a new boy and star athlete, are forced to room together at their cloistered boarding school. Conor is drafted into the senior rugby team, whose actions dominate school life and whose privilege and entitlement have made Ned’s life to date at the school a misery. The boys take an instant and visceral dislike to each other, and Ned and Conor seem destined to remain enemies until an English teacher, Mr. Sherry (Andrew Scott), begins to drill into them the value of finding one’s own voice. This lesson isn’t appreciated by everyone though, not least the rugby coach, Pascal (Moe Dunford), who has his own agenda, and who harbors some deep suspicions about Sherry.” (From Fandango Website)

Spoilers Below Here

TW: strong language, questionable parentage, character is outed, off screen parent death mention, implied alcoholism, underage drinking, beating of a queer teen, use of slurs, homophobic language.

At the end it is unclear if the two main characters end up together and while there is one confirmed queer couple they do not actually kiss or do anything beyond implying they’re a couple and holding hands.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

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