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Imagine Me & You follows Rachel who felt an instant connection to Luce, her florist for her wedding. As the two women become close, Rachel began to realize despite her seemingly happy marriage to Heck, she is falling for Luce. Questioning her sexual orientation and the choice between playing safe and being with Heck, or being bold and go after Luce, Rachel made the ultimate choice. Imagine Me & You is a lighthearted, fun comedy.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

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    Imagine Me and You starts off in England, with a wedding getting ready to begin. The groom, Heck, waiting in the church. And the bride, Rachel…running into a McDonald’s bathroom to pee? Idk why she couldn’t just wait for the church, but I guess they had to get their product placement in there somewhere. Takes a whole take on the golden arches.

    I am a comic genius.

    Rachel makes it to the church and starts her way down the aisle when she makes eye contact with the Flower Girl (That’s what they call her), Luce, and it’s obviously love at first sight. You could tell by the swelling music cue and slow motion.

    Chirst all the eye fucking!

    But she get married to the guy anyway.

    After the wedding Rachel keeps running into the Flower Girl. And by running into I mean, Rachel inviting Luce to dinner so that she can set the love her life up with her husbands best friend just to keep flower lady in her life. Romantic. Bumping into each other at the grocery store. Classic. Ok wait, I have to talk about this scene for a sec. I thought it was great, Rach and Heck come across Luce and her Gal Pal while shopping, and it has this subtle tension between the two love birds, with Rachel jealous of the girl at Luce’s side even if she is just a friend coupled with Luce just wanting out of a situation. But then they add a layer of comedy from the other two, Heck trying t figure out if they’re a couple and the friend messing with Luce by playing along. No lie, he actually asks if she is gay and her response was:

    Goddamn, I’m using this one!

    And going to soccer game..

    Sorry football, on a “totally not a date” date.

    But she soon realizes that she doesn’t want her new gal pal to be with the ‘not as hot as he thinks he is’ guy, but with her. So she’s gay, she’s in love, but she’s married, so there’s your drama. And it’s not melodrama either. It really does look at this from a realistic (well as realistic as movies can get) point of view. She’s married and falling for someone else, and that’s how it’s played. Though there is a little, it really has nothing to do with her being a lesbian thus normalizing their feelings which is really great. And it realistically has consequences for her actions. Good job by the writer!

    Imagine Me and You your pretty typical ROMCOM, but and get this, with actual good writing. And not just good writing, but beautiful cinematography and acting. Wait, and it also has lesbian characters that are treated like human being and not a set of stereotypes.

    So it’s not a typical rom com, IT’S JUST A GOOD MOVIE.


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