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Have you dreamed of being a Barden Bella? Episodes ft. Pitch Perfect: In Deep Treble give you the chance to do so. Can you impressed the Barden Bellas and be accepted as one of them? Would you form a romance with a Treble? Or maybe a hot DJ? You can customize how you look, how your two romance interests look. And you can choose to be bisexual. Reenact Beca’s cups song during auction, converse with your beloved Bellas like Chole, Aubrey, Fat Amy, and newcomer Emily. This stroytelling game is bound to bring up memories of your favorite scenes from the Pitch Perfect series.

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    Brief Introduction
    The purpose of Pitch Perfect Deep Treble is to promote the Pitch Perfect 3 movie. It has been a while since the release of the previous two movies. And Pitch Perfect Deep Treble game will jog your memory of the favorite moments. Remember the iconic Bella uniform?
    Opening Scene Pitch Perfect Deep Treble
    The game started with your character (that you can customize the look of) watching the video the Bellas performing and being excited to be joining Barden and becoming a Bella.
    Fat Amy, Aubrey, Chole, and Bella are in the game because they decided to stay in Barden past their graduation for whatever reason. Also Lily’s sister Lilo is a character in the game as a Bella (completed with the whispering of random and totally creepy things).

    It is made a Episode game. Meaning it is kind of like interactive storybook. You can pick different responses, but the storyline is preset and the entire game is dialogue based. It is kind of more of a pick your adventure type kind. Some things are going to happen no matter what. And you have no way to prevent them from happening. But your choice would change the subsequent dialogue slightly and you can access additional content by paying with diamonds.

    You have two romantic options- a Treble, and a too-cool-for-acapella DJ. You can customize the look of both of them. But get this, depends on your response to Chole’s questions on how boy crazy you are, you can indicate that you like both guys and girls. And that would make the DJ a female. You met the DJ through barging into their shower and had some heated exchange (remind you of anyone?). The DJ expressed their distaste toward acapella and challenged you to sing with her. And unlike in the Pitch Perfect 1 movie, you and the DJ could share a kiss.
    shower kiss
    Throughout the game you have different opportunity to run into both the Treble and the DJ. And the game is kind of annoying in the way that it will forced to interact with them both no matter how many times you rejected the advance of one of that. Because let’s be serious, Trebles are jerks.

    So why should you play the game?
    You can live through the comedy moment instead of just watching them on TV.
    And if you pick the DJ as a female (because why wouldn’t you?), you get a lot of heated moments of two girls kissing (although always an indirect view). AND you get to customize the DJ to look however you want.

    But mostly because the Bellas are awesome.


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