Ruby Rose Deletes Twitter After Batwoman Backlash Ensues

We need to chill the fuck out.

This Ruby Rose Batwoman backlash is reaching new kinds of insanity (and that goes for the Jack Whitehall backlash as well). For those of you who don’t know, Ruby Rose was cast to play Batwoman in the new CW show. People are upset because she personally doesn’t have the exact same characteristics as Kate Kane (Batwoman) in the comics.

For instance, Kate Kane is a lesbian, and according to the public, because Ruby Rose is gender fluid, which is still a person from the LGBT community btw, it disqualifies her for this role. Kate Kane is also Jewish, and Ruby Rose is not, so this disqualifies her for this role. WHY? Like Michael C. Hall wasn’t murdering people before he got the role of Dexter.

Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t a dragon before he was huffing and puffing and rolling around on the floor.

And Robert Downey Junior isn’t actually

…well that one doesn’t count, I actually can’t tell if he’s RDJ or Tony Stark at any given moment.

To act, is to create an illusion that you are another person. They have to LOOK the part, and they have to PLAY the part, that’s it.  I know that being Jewish is more than a religion, it’s also a culture, but can’t the CW illustrate that culture on screen? Ruby Rose is gender fluid, but can’t she successfully depict a lesbian? She already has!

In this instance, as long as Kate Kane, the character on the show is a lesbian, as long as Kate Kane, is still Jewish, then the representation for the LGBT and Jewish community is still present on screen. The actual thing we should be talking about is whether the actor can play the things that the role requires of them. Does Ruby Rose look the part? With a kickass outfit and some red hair dye, sure. Can she act the part? To me, no, she’s not the best actress, but it’s the CW so eh, they’re not turning out any academy award winners over there so whatever. Her gender identity and religion has nothing to do with her ability to create an illusion.


We are getting a show, with a lesbian lead, there’s so very few of those out there! And people can’t even take that as a positive. Why you ruin this internet?! This is going to be representation that LGBT people can watch and might feel an inkling better about themselves. And that’s awesome. I am all for good quality representation that’s what PrideBrary is about!

The representation of a community can influence how the world can see us, so it’s imperative that the community being depicted, is portrayed authentically. But the word is PORTRAYED. It’s not the actor that’s playing the character that’s important in this situation, it’s the character, that’s what the world is going to see. We need representation. TV is not real, we need to create great illusions, not a documentary. If we keep running people out of town for doing their jobs, Hollywood won’t even bother to make movies with our communities represented anymore…



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