RWBY is a web series set in the world of Remnant. It follows four girls – Ruby, Weiß, Blake and Yang- who form team RWBY, students of Beacon Academy, which sets out and train huntsman and huntresses to protect Remnant from the Grimm, the monsters that live in this world. While trying to juggle their day to day life and making new friends, a unstopple force works in the shadows to distruct the piece that Human and Faunas have established.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

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  1. This web series is something special. It was created by a little company who had little budget when they began. And it shows. The animation is rough and the voice actors weren’t professionals in Volume 1. But if you stick with it, you will be rewarded by a charming show with likable characters, cool action scenes with creative weapons and a well rounded world  with a main story line that keeps getting more interesting the longer you watch.

    If you are interested in the LGBT+ representation, I have to be vague due to spoilers: There will be important side characters intodruced in later Volumes that happen to either have feelings or be in a relationship with the same sex. And with the four main girls being young teens they are bound to find out more about themselfes in the future. Volume 6 showes a clear progression of two characters of the same gender into a romantic relationship.


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