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    Holy crap, this Sharp Zero is awesome! It’s just so much fun! So much though, that you find yourself blowing through the entire series in one sitting. The story is is sort of like a typical superhero story. Where the unlikely hero is turned into one, and enters a new world/way of life and has to find their way of balancing everything. But the characters are what makes this so much better! Writing is pretty good, like most comics, it’s built upon dialogue and images, and the way people speak with one another you can really feel how distinct their character is like just by how it’s written. Before I get into some of my favorite characters, let me just talk about the art! I so appreciate Robotsharks’s art! Not only is it really great, but they have a lot of fun with it as well! It can go from this really well drawn panel:

    To this mess, and it’s hilarious!

    This is literally one of my favorite pages of any comic I’ve ever read!

    They really use the medium of comic book and webcomics and stretch them to their limit. And because they are not bound by editors or publishing companies, they can write whatever they want and tell their story how ever they please! And they really pull no punches!

    No story can be a good one, let alone a great one without great characters to pull a story forward. Sharp Zero has some really awesome, ones from a mix of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and color. The main character Elliot-

    No E.T. not that Elliot, this Elliot, the one with no pants.

    Elliot is a short Korean guy. Who is a demisexual delinquent who does not have his life together and actually used to cut himself. But he’s a good kid, looking for love and finds reassurance in the superheroes that save the day. He’s one of those characters that people can really relate to, one that shows even when you’re down and out that you can come back from so many things and keep going!

    Danny, is Elliot’s love interest early on the comic. He is gay, autistic, and is over a foot taller than Elliot which is just fucking adorable! He’s super duper smart and is from a family of superheroes. But finds himself liking the lab then out in the field fighting.

    Madina is friend to both the above, a good friend at that. She’s intelligent, quirky and likes to skateboard. She is always there for her friends.

    I’m not going to talk about all the characters, there’s a ton. What I really love about this comic, is it’s diversity. It has a diversity in personalities, in people of color, and sexual orientations. You see a whole spectrum! there are gay guys, lesbians, real authentic bisexuals, pansexuals, demisexuals, asexuals, and some straight people as well! The representation is on point, in that these characters aren’t here to have the sexualities be their whole identities, they are well rounded people who have real emotions and stories to tell. And they also want to find love and relationships, whether that is friendship or more. That’s great representation, when LGBT+ characters are shown in a normal light with every day lives. It normalizes this marginalized group and shows that we are human beings too!

    Please go read this awesomely gay comic, it’s a lot of fun and you really root for these characters!


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