She-Ra And the Princesses of Power

This is a new out Netflix original series. It’s a remake of the old She-Ra Tv series. It was created and Written by Noelle Stevenson. It’s an animation made through a Netflix and DreamWorks Collaboration. Heavy LGBT+ Representation. One season, more in the making. Currently 13 episodes.

The story follows Adora, a military raised Horde soldier, on her quest to find who she is, defend land of Etheria from war all while learning how to be the new She-Ra.
She’s joined by new-found companions, Princess Glimmer and Archer Bow, to try and bring Peace back to Etheria, by joining the rebellion.
The show largely focuses on her relationship and bond with Catra, her childhood best friend, turn antagonist.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

One thought on “She-Ra And the Princesses of Power

  1. I submitted this one, since it appears to be a positive representation of LGBTQ+, at least in my own personal opinion and experience with it as a Lesbian female.

    However, it only has one season of 13 episodes so far on Netflix. So marking the LGBTQ+ labels on it was a bit difficult for me.

    It does have W|W for sure. But you pick up potential Bisexual and Queer vibes as well. And there is talk in the writer/actors’ circles about future M|M additions happening as the series goes on.

    An example of this was, though they aren’t yet introduced to the show, it has been teased that Bow has two fathers, at a She-Ra conference by Karen Fukuhara, the voice of Glimmer.

    Anyway. The show is fun and colourful, but isn’t afraid to have it’s dark moments and tense drama. It’s based in a time of war, so action via fighting is very common place. It has a unique and diverse group of characters, relationships and personalities.

    All in all it’s worth a watch to develop your own opinions on it. Maybe it’s your cup of tea, maybe not, that is entirely up to you.


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