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    I’m a let all the other books finish, but The Color Purple is the best of all time the best of all time!

    This books is absolutely heartbreaking. It shows how selfish and despicable human beings can be to one another, ruining a persons life out of spite, being vindictive because of pride. But it also is incredibly hopeful, it shows how people, especially women, can be strong in crappy situations:
    It shows how they can overcome them, like Celi. She’s our main character, an abused victim from both her father and later in life from her husband. She eventually gets the courage to leave her abuser, search for a better life and gain happiness.
    The book also shows that love knows no bounds, whether it is familial,
    Or in romantic relationships.
    Its romantic love plot is not center stage but part of a greater whole of the story. The Color Purple shows love as a natural occurrence. There isn’t a big coming out scene or any big to-do, it just progresses naturally for the two characters. Ceili, being forced into sex by her (then thought) father as a girl, and having sex with her husband repulses her, and it effectively shows she is not attracted to men. But when she finds the person she falls for, it’s not a big thing that it’s a woman, it’s a big thing because up until now she was a girl who thinks that she can’t be loved, by anyone but her sister, and she was ripped away from her. She is feeling again, she is awaken, she’s revived. She has something to live for in her sister and her lover Shug. That’s why this relationship to me, when I was a little girl, was so important. It didn’t have the flashy stuff, it was sweet and on the surface simple, but said volumes!
    There’s so much to say about this The Color Purple, and it has a lot to say without having to throw it in your face. It says a lot about racial discrimination, how marriage is a weird institution based on owning women, and talks about abuse, and sex (as in the physical activity). It’s depiction of women in all kinds of different situations, whether it’s in an abusive relationship, a free spirited woman disowned by her father, or the strong woman who speaks her mind in a time where both women and black people aren’t aloud to have a voice. It also depicts black people as not the funny side kick, or there to be made fun of, or a caricature. They are all depicted as human beings as they should be, with hopes and dreams, and great character traits and tragic character flaws. This book is just a mix of everything, it doesn’t shy away and tells it’s story honestly. It’s so powerful, it was turned into a movie done by Steven Spielberg, and also a Broadway musical. This is not only one of the best lgbt books, it’s one of the best books ever! The Color Purple is a beautiful story that everyone should read, see, hear and immerse themselves in.
    I’m mad biased though.

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