The Fosters


Stef Foster, a police officer, and her partner Lena Adams, a school vice principal, have a family of adopted, biological and foster children. Brandon is Stef’s biological son from a previous marriage, and Mariana and Jesus are their adaptive twins. Their lives are disrupted in when Callie and her brother Jude into their home as foster children. This close-knitted family will deal with many issues- whether it is concerning romance, family dynamics, or life lessons. Showcasing lesbian parents, Stef and Lena. The Fosters is a sweet and heart warming family drama.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

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  1. LGBT Positivity


    Entertainment Value








    The story is pretty progressive, with many gay, lesbian, and trans characters. Unfortunately it has a few minorly biphobic moments in one of the seasons, and also gets fairly repetitive and over dramatic in the later seasons. It does bring up many great issues like what ICE is doing to imagrints.


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