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The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the infected (zombies) are dominating the world. The story begins with the cordyceps brain infection outbreak and we are introduced to Joel, who lost his daughter that day. Many years later, Joel found himself on a cargo delivery mission. What is unusual is that the cargo is a 14 years old girl Ellie, who might be the cure for the cordyceps brain infection. It is an adventure game with lots of cut scenes and action. The objective is to get Ellie to the research lab. Think Resident Evil but with a more heartwarming story.


Joel- Joel lost his daughter on the day of the infection outbreak and has become jaded through the years.

Ellie- a 14 years old girl who might be the cure for the zombie apocalypse. She swears a lot. Like seriously, no 14 years old should be swearing every other sentence. From The Last of Us: Left Behind, we learned that she has a crush on her best friend Riley. Fun fact, she looks a lot like Ellen Page and Page even commented on it.

Riley- Riley is not in the The Last of Us main story line because she is dead at that point, but she is a main character in The Last of Us: Left Behind. She is Ellie’s best friend.

Game mechanism:

It has the usual bows, pistols, rifles, and knifes. And you get to sneak up on people and strangle them. Except unlike many other games, you don’t get to upgrade your weapon. A lot of the times, you get ambushed and there is some button smashing to get yourself out of the headlock. It is difficult at times. Frustrating even. But fun.

Most of the times, you played as Joel, but you also get to play as Joel’s daughter at the beginning, or Ellie near the end of the game. The coolest thing about this game is that there are situations where you and the other character are cooperating to accomplish some tasks. For example, you need to hold a plank for Ellie to cross the river (because Ellie cannot swim), or boost someone up so they can let a ladder down for you.

You don’t get to make choices that affect the game in anyway. You are basically going through the game as if you are watching a movie. But the story telling is good and there is always interesting dialogue to get you through the fighting and running.

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    The game is fun to play and the characters are likable. We see Joel and Ellie getting closer as the game progresses and Joel goes from seeing Ellie as a liability to seeing her as a daughter.

    As for the backstory of the characters, we hear snippets during the game and we saw Joel’s daughter getting killed in the very beginning. But where we learned a lot about Ellie is in The Last of Us: Left Behind. There, we played as Ellie and the storyline goes back and forth between the events leading to Ellie and Riley getting bitten in the mall (which happened before the main storyline began) and Ellie searching for a first aid kit for Joel (which happened in the gap between fall and winter of the main storyline). In the Last of Us: Left Behind, we see Ellie interacting with her best friend Riley, witness the silliness of two young girls having fun, and feel the devastation when we realized they both got bitten. Ellie made it and Riley didn’t. The storyline between Ellie and Riley was relatively short, but we see how much they care about each other and witness a kiss between them. They are absolutely adorable with each other.

    Reading puns to each others.

    You know what is better? For The Last of Us 2, we play as Ellie. The details are unknown. But let’s just say I am excited for it. Because regardless of her sexuality, Ellie is a foul-mouthed, kick-ass female character I want to play as.


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