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    MY. GOD. Ok, I’m going to start off by saying that I am just going to gush about how completely adorable this film is, so get your galoshes! Weirdly enough I don’t watch a lot of gay guy movies, because I am a lesbian I usually look for people like me, i.e. women. But I was intrigued by the horrible synopsis on Netflix and decided to give it a shot, and was pleasantly surprised! ..After I got over having to read subtitles (if I wanted to read, I would pick up a damn book).

    It’s not enough that he is a teenager dealing with school, puberty, and masturbation (yeah, we see this play out), but he is also blind. AND GAY! So we see how this kid juggles all three, and we see how the writers also juggle writing and taking care of these sensitive subjects as well. And by sensitive, I mean when not handled with care they can seem artificial, which did not happen here. Leonardo was blind but his blindness wasn’t a crutch.

    We’re past the point where we need to see him come to terms with his disability and learn to cope with it, as you always do in Hollywood. He was gay but it wasn’t about this whole big coming out story, with the “oh no I might be gay, but I should like girls, no I don’t I’m gay and I’m proud”, AS YOU ALWAYS DO IN HOLLYWOOD.

    It’s just about him liking someone and wondering if they feel the same way. Just like a straight couple, shocker.

    What we do see is a teenage kid, who is different from his classmates and kids being the un petite assholes that they are, bully him. Like who the fuck..what the fuck is wrong with these kids.

    I hate them so much. And I want to believe that this is a movie and people would never pick on someone who can’t even fucking see, but no it’s unfortunately realistic. Leonardo’s blindness creates a whole level of intimacy though when it comes to his relationships, both friends and lover. He has to literally hold onto them in situations, not knowing his surroundings, so there has to be a level of trust that is at: I trust you with my life.

    We see what happens when the trust is strong, and we see his life sort of go astray when it isn’t. We see people take advantage of it, even his lover does when they shower together and he feels bad about his decision.

    Oh and the bike! I don’t care, I’m spoiling this, so skip to the next section or read it’ll still murder your feels when you see it either way. Leonardo says he can’t ride bikes, because of his lack of sight. When he finally comes into his own at the end of the movie with his lover hanging on, he rides the bike. HE RIDES THE BIKE!

    I just thought it was a nice touch, okay!

    My only complaint, and it’s a small one is that there is a love triangle. It’s small because of how it was done. Leonardo has one friend before his love interest is introduced. They are completely platonic throughout the whole thing, their love stems from friendship, and that trust I was talking about earlier. When his love interest is introduced you get the feel of a love triangle, but with deeper meaning. His friend who has always been there for him is cast aside, so she feels some type of way. His lover wants to be with him, but doesn’t want to tear a friendship apart. Leonardo is trying to balance what he wants from his lover and still keep his friendship the same. Love triangle, but better. That’s what you get when you use some

    No, not gay…Imagination. What did you not have a childhood? But also gay too!

    I could go on and on about this damn movie. It was pretty beautiful. Well shot, well acted, simple story buy amplified and usually filmmakers take the easy road and do the cookie cutter mold, but this didn’t, so I commend them for it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE LGBT REPRESENTATION. I am literally all for it being something normalized on screen. The only was it will be seen as normal is if the media keeps displaying it as such. And this movie does that, of course we see a little bit of that push back from the bullies, but even in the end that is treated differently as well. I know I keep saying that, but I just don’t want to give it away. This is how a LGBT movie should be done. Complex characters, with normalized situations, and a nice story make for a nice lovely experience.


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