Top 10 Kids Shows That Are Gay AF and We’re Here For It

As the crazy parents that put parental locks on their kid’s, well everything, have taught us, it IS important what we show our kids in the media! LGBTQ characters in children’s shows help kids understand that people come in all different shapes and sizes and our differences make us better. Here’s my list of awesome shows with queer characters in them!

In no particular order, other than best to amazeballs:

1. Legend of Korra










Nickelodeon made history with Legend of Korra bringing in, if not the first LGBT main character in a kid’s show, definitely the first bisexual one in an American kid’s show! [SPOILER] At the end of the last season Korra and Asami Sotto walk into the Spirit World, the queer equivalent to a sunset, holding hands and staring longingly into each other’s eyes. Their relationship continues to be fleshed out, B-E-A-UTIFULLY in the comic for which the show continues. LOOK AT THEM:


2. Gravity Falls








Disney XD’s Gravity Falls had everything, the mystery that kept you in your seat, a beautiful bro-sis relationship, and even the gays! Sheriff Blubs and his deputy Durland started out as the goofy small-town cops way in over their heads, but as the story progressed so did their relationship. They’re side characters, but that doesn’t make their relationship any less adorable!


3. Wandering Son







Wow, this show is just…wow! Wandering Son is a manga that was turned into an anime. It highlights a child physically born male who wants to be female and a child born female who wants to be male. It’s so heartwarming and it’s representation of the transgender community we need. 


4. Andi Mac


Then there’s Andi Mack, Disney Channel’s new show! I’ll have to correct the Tumblr user, it is not the first LGBT main character on a children’s show, but it is the first coming out scene we have had in a kid’s show! Cyrus is adorable and isn’t that just a lovely moment right there! Makes us definitely want to see more of this diverse show!

5. Steven Universe










This show is known for all of its gay glory! Steven Universe is filled with the lovable lesbian space rocks. Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, and Pearl (shown above) are on earth to protect it and it’s inhabitants. It would take an entire article to express how great this show is, oh wait I did just THAT. For now, know that this show deals with important issues big and small that kids can learn from, and it’s a great story on top of that it’s a great story!







Oh, and did I mention it’s SUPER DUPER GAY?!

6. Loud House


Look at that happy family! Loud House features the McBride family that consists of Clyde and his two loving dads. Little Clyde is the best friend of the main character of the show Lincoln. His dads are shown throughout the Nickelodeon cartoon constantly and they’re adorable! Check out this short clip of them dropping him off for a sleepover:

7. Sailor Moon




Oh yeah! Sailor Moon was probably the gayest show. It was empowering girls and queer girls alike! Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune definitely were lovers, but I remember Uranus having a “thing” for Moon as well. It was one big ol’ love fest! It’s a classic and we thank Sailor Moon for making our childhoods as gay as they could (even with the censorship)! 


8. Hey Arnold!










Hey Arnold! was one of the best, BEST show of the 90s and early 2000s! It had such relatable characters and didn’t shy away from issues. It featured Mr. Simmons Arnold’s sweet and caring teacher who was a gay man. Representation in the 90s, especially in kids shows, is scares but Hey Arnold! was able to throw in some hints to Simmons’ sexuality. It’s a great show, go watch it! 


9. Adventure Time









What time is it? …Eh you know how it goes. Adventure Time was Cartoon Network’s smash hit. But we can’t forget our favorite bisexual princesses Bubblegum and Marceline! They were paired with the main lead guy Finn, but the writers got their -ish together and paired the two girls, and we loved it! Their romance is extremely sweet and supportive.  


10. Clarence

Omg, this family is adorable! The Cartoon Network show Clarence doesn’t shy away from depicting Jeff’s family as a corky but also loving and adorable. Jeff lives with his two moms, EJ and Sue. Sue is the hippie type and EJ is the more stern, but opposites always attract! 

That’s my list! All cool shows, that you should totally see!

Jess out!



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