Trump Bans Transgender People From Fighting In The Military


Trump Bans Transgender People From Fighting In The Military

He tweeted today, July 26, 2017:

After tweeting during the campaign:

Unfortunately, this is not surprising coming from this president who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, but also because the way society still negatively treats transgender people. Transgender people have been serving the country for years now, on the battle field and off of it. 

Don’t let the fact that Trump finally used auto correct to actually make complete sentences fool you, he doesn’t care about the costs, it has nothing to do with medical matters, and EVERYTHING to do with bigotry and prejudice. And let’s humor it for a second, that this really does have to do with costs. Billions of dollars are given to the military, the fact that you can’t “afford” transgender medical expenses is the equivalent of saying that women couldn’t serve because they had their periods, and needed extra hygiene products only a couple decades ago. That “problem” was budgeted and solved and this argument is no longer supported logically.

Transgender people have fought harder than the whole acronym combined. They are the firsts ones to fight, and the last ones to obtain all their rights. WHY IS THAT. My fellow members of the LGBTQ community and allies, please stand together on this. Come out in droves as we do for the other letters and don’t let this pass under the radar. Be loud, and please fight for our transgender friends, colleagues, and loved ones as they have done countless times for us.



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