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    This show came out in 1998, when I was four, but I definitely remember growing up with it because, IT WAS FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS! Each actor, nails their comedic timing. And all in different ways, so the comedy was rarely stale. And that’s probably why it lasted just two shy of 200 episodes. That and the really great characters that you get to know. These characters were fun to watch, but they also had human flaws that grounded the emotional aspects of the show.

    Will is a lawyer who is very orderly, you can even say uptight. He has a certain way of doing things and that’s it, especially when it comes to aesthetic. His clothes and home always have to be pristine. He’s your generic white guy, if you will, but he’s gay.

    Grace is more wild and emotional spirit. Ok, I was trying to be nice, she’s a mess but in the best way possible; e.i. Grace has no grace (haha I’m on a roll). While Will seems to have everything together, she is the opposite and all over the place with everything in her life. If it isn’t food, Grace probably has a problem with it. But opposites attract and that’s why they make such a great team.

    Karen is a great character, she’s rich but she works for Grace..I guess she’s bored? Her high nasally voice, lack of compassion, and acute alcoholism is what I feel like I’ve grown up to be. I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. But she’s my favorite, she has great lines! But even when she doesn’t seem like it, she really is a Karen person. BOOM!


    Jack! Who doesn’t love Jack? He’s fucking adorable, and is flamboyantly out and proud ever since he was little. He sings and dances and the dude knows who he is and I love that about him. What can I say, he’ll jack you heart. Ha..ha.. ok that one sucked.

    I was originally going say, now that I’ve grown up I am a bit disappointed with Jack’s character because he is that character that you think he is, but he’s more. He fits the stereotype, he’s there a lot of time for the punchlines. And I would have a problem with it, but because this is a TV show and not a movie, you get to spend a lot of time with these characters. There’s time to develop them and show other sides to them, making them well rounded human beings. Sean Hayes is hilarious, and that’s where he shines and brings Jack to life. But over the 7 year trek of the show you get to see Jack win and lose, and love and have breakups, helping friends or hurting them, and learning lessons.  And for that, he breaks the mold of just a stereotype. Jack is awesome!

    This show is a fun ride, I really recommend it. Will & Grace will grace your TV if you let it. Ha. HAHAHAHAHA! Puns.


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