Winterwolves Love Bites by Celso Riva

Winterwolves Love Bites is an adventure graphic novel created by the developer Celso Riva where you either play as either Brandyon or Kaitlyn, twin siblings who have just graduated and are looking for part-time jobs for the summer to keep them occupied. Things take a supernatural turn after going to a wild party one night and are attacked!

They begin having strange dreams relating to the incident and peculiar physical changes. You’ll encounter people who can help with getting you employed and helping to cure your odd disease. You can choose from four possible suitors.(Two females and two males respectively.) It doesn’t matter weather you play as Brandyon or Kaitlyn you can romance any suitor you please!

Love Bites is available on the App Store for iPod, iPhone, and iPad and must be compatible with iOS 11. The app takes up 98.7 MB and is on available in english.

LGBTQ+ Positivity
Entertainment Value

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